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(WEBCAST): COVID-19: Business Insurance & Risk Mitigation - What You Need to Know

How do businesses potentially combat the effects of COVID-19? What insurance coverage comes into play? What new risks need to be mitigated? How has the insurance landscape already changed and what can we expect going forward? Chad Kiper, of Slade & Collins Insurance, and George Rupert, a principal mentor of SiSTiMentors (an insurance mentoring consultancy) joined us to provide an overview and answer your questions.

ABOUT CHAD KIPER: Chad is a dually licensed independent insurance agent and consultant that has provided Property & Casualty insurance to small business owners, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and contractors since 2006.


ABOUT GEORGE RUPPERT: George is a principal mentor of SiSTiMentors, an insurance mentoring consultancy, and has 60 years experience as both a licensed agent and consultant.



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